Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gatineau Park / Wakefield Covered Bridge Wedding, Anyone ?

This weekend I'll be roaming around the Kawartha Lakes area near Peterborough, canoeing, camping and hopefully finding some boulders to surmount. But before I dash off I wanted to share a couple of photos that have absolutely nothing to do with weddings--well, not yet, anyway.

The following shots were taken in Gatineau Park at a site offering a pathway that climbs steeply alongside a series of cascading waterfalls.

Gatineau Park tree truck fallen over waterfall
Gatineau Park waterfall

colorful Gatineau Park reflection in water
Reflecting on Gatineau Park

Another area that I love to photograph is the Wakefield covered bridge in Wakefield, Quebec.
Swimmer contemplating a jump from the covered bridge

A canoeist chats with swimmers on the Wakefield Covered Bridge

If you're considering getting married somewhere in Gatineau Park, on the Wakefield Covered Bridge or if you know of an even better natural setting for a wedding near Ottawa, let me know !

Update !! in September 2012 I finally shot an engagement session in Wakefield; check it out here: Wakefield Engagement session

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