Monday, November 19, 2012

My views on sharing photos

bride and groom at ottawa wedding

One of the questions photographers wrestle with from time to time is how much to show. This question comes up not only during a shoot, but also during the process of creating a portfolio, sharing these photos.

How much of our work should we, as photographers share ?

I have seen some wedding photographers adopt a minimalist style: showcasing only the epic shots in a relatively small online portfolio. The advantage to this approach is that it helps project precisely what his or her vision is.

But I think that an increasing number of wedding photographers are opting to showcase more of their work on the web.

I'm definitely of the latter group, as evidenced not only by my portfolio site, but also by this: my blog, where I try to share something from each of my photography sessions, be they large or small.

Ah, but lest you think I share a lot because I'm incredibly indecisive and have difficulties narrowing my work down (though this is undeniably true..), I have several other good reasons for doing so.

1. Participation in a photographic community

When I share photos I feel like I'm giving back to the photographic community in some way. Just as seeing the work of other photographers has often served as inspiration for my own growth, hopefully some of my work has that effect on others.

2. Finding a good match

Because I share so many of my photos online, it's almost always the case that when I do get together with a client for the first time, we're inevitably on the same page style-wise.

3. Emphasis

Setting up and then creating images that are epic or even other-worldly is one of my goals as a wedding photographer. Those are the photos that become framed pieces on your wall; those are the photos that define your wedding album. But my view is that these photos alone can't ever begin to capture the story of your day. My style places significant emphasis on the details, on the candid moments you probably didn't catch in what is often a whirlwind of a wedding day. In short, I show lots of images, because it is the only way to show what I do, and what I love to do.