Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Wedding at Strathmere

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding at Strathmere, just west of Ottawa. It was my first at this venue; and so even before the bride and groom had arrived I was out scouting the grounds to see what Strathmere had to offer.

Here are several shots from the day.

cupcakes as wedding cake

child in hat at wedding

bride at Strathmere wedding

wedding ceremony at Strathmere

The bride and groom joking during Strathmere wedding

group photo of bride groom and parents on grounds of Strathmere

bridal party walking Strathmere grounds

groom pushing bride on swing - fun wedding photo

wedding quilt patch squares

Garden House at Strathmere wedding venue

first dance at Strathmere wedding - bride and groom

bouquet toss at Ottawa wedding