Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Britannia Yacht Club Wedding

Britannia Yacht Club venue and sky on stormy afternoon

As much as wedding photographers hate the rain, most of us love the drama present in the sky before and after a downfall. Strangely enough, the two weddings I shot at the Britannia Yacht Club last month both offered this drama.

fun group photo of groomsmen levitating at the Britannia Yacht Club

After some formal and then fun shots with the groom and groomsmen (some of whom can apparently levitate..) we all moved inside in anticipation of the bride's arrival.

Bride walking down aisle at Ottawa wedding

Though I sometimes enlist my assistant to grab this shot while I'm catching the bride coming down the aisle, I always try to capture the expression of the groom--as he sees her, in a sense, for the first time.

Groom smiling at bride

When a family member wheeled this rather, let's say, vintage-looking bike just as I was about to start photographing the bride and groom I registered my concern with a brow-furrow. Following a warning that the bike didn't actually work, I was about to reassure the couple that we could still use it as a prop in the photos. Before I could even get this out, the bride was effortlessly in motion, drawing long loops around the east side of the Britannia Yacht Club grounds.

groom with bride riding bicycle

sunset photo outside Britannia Yacht Club

No wedding at the Britannia Yacht Club would be complete, I don't think, without a few photos of the sunset over the expanse of water. The sun disappeared behind a very dense layer of cloud--leftover from the earlier rain; and then emerged again before disappearing below the horizon. Not before I grabbed these shots, though..

wedding photo of bride and groom at sunset

If you would like to see more shots from the wedding (you know you want to..) click on one of the images above; and to see more of my work see my portfolio site here > Ottawa Wedding Photography by Christopher Steven B.