Monday, August 27, 2012

At The Schoolhouse Wedding in Munster

You might think that as a wedding photographer I'm kind of secretly wary about working weddings that are swarming with kids. On the contrary, though. I'm not only far better at hiding my equipment than they are at finding it; I'm also usually accompanied by an assistant, who will happily distract any children who attempt to glom onto me for too long. But no distractions were necessary here. The children at this wedding were fully at play, occupied with the party favours provided very wisely by the bride and groom.

Oh-and I'm sure the grown-ups had a good time as well !

Bride about to get ready before wedding in Ottawa

pink shoes during getting ready photo

glamourous bridal photo of bride

guests in front of Schoolhouse wedding venue

Wedding ceremony at the Schoolhouse

post wedding ceremony with the bride and groom

Family candid group photo at Ottawa wedding

funny child candid photo playing with car

child jumping sequence

Groom and son in front of schoolhouse in Munster

candid portrait of child at Ottawa wedding

Bride and guests at the Schoolhouse wedding

Wedding Bomboniere box with pink ribbon

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